Exploring a Wellbeing Adjusted Life Year (WELBY)

Beyond QALY research call

The Quality Adjusted Life Year (QALY) is used to inform decision making in health technology assessment and beyond.

The Medical Research Council is currently inviting applications through the Methodology Research Programme to conduct research into the possibility of creating a measure of quality of life or wellbeing, which would have utility across health and social care.

The MRC have published a background paper: Improving cross-sector comparisons using QALYs and other measures: a review of alternative approaches and future research MRC

Applications are especially welcome which examine:

  1.  Understanding what are the outcomes of interest
  2.  Exploring a Wellbeing Adjusted Life Year (WELBY)
  3.  Valuing by association with wellbeing
  4.  Valuing on a common scale using preferences

Find more information about how to apply here

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