The accuracy, reliability and accessibility of our evidence and resources is our priority. To make sure you can rely on our findings and guidance, we work with a highly qualified board of reviewers and advisors. To contact any advisory panel member, please contact us.

Professor Paul Allin (chair)

Visiting Professor in Statistics, Imperial College, Formerly Director of the Measuring National Wellbeing Programme at the Office for National Statistics

Find out more about Paul on the Imperial College website.

Fiona Adshead

Deputy CEO at NCD alliance.

Sally McManus

Research Associate, National Centre for Social Research (NatCen)

Read more about Sally on NatCen’s website

Professor Andrew Oswald

Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science, Warwick University

Read more about Andrew on his website

Professor Carol Graham

Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and College Park Professor, University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Read more about Carol on the Brookings website

Dr Peter Doran

Lecturer in Law at Queens University Belfast

Read more about Peter on the Queen’s University website

Louise Aston

Wellbeing Director, Business In The Community

Read more about Louise on the Business in the Community website

Jennifer Wallace

Head of Policy, Carnegie UK Trust

Find out more about Jennifer on the Carnegie UK’s website

Dr Jane Moore

Director of Public Health, Coventry City Council


Professor Angie Hart

Professor of Child, Family and Community Health, University of Brighton and Director of BoingBoing

Find out more about Angie on the University of Brighton website

Dr Ruth Garside

Senior Lecturer in Evidence Synthesis, University of Exeter

Read more about Ruth on the University of Exeter website


Dafydd Thomas

Director at the Wellbeing Planner, and co-founder of Lles Cymru Wellbeing Wales

Find out more about Dafydd on the Wellbeing Planner website

Professor Paul Montgomery

Professor of Social intervention, University of Birmingham

Find out more about Paul on the University of Birmingham website

Dr Louise Smith

Director of Public Health, Norfolk County Council

Deirdre McAliskey

Assistant Director, Northern Ireland, National Children’s Bureau

Find out more about Deirdre on the NCB website

Jenny Edwards

Jenny is former Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation, a fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and has worked at Homelessness Link, Arts Council England, National Campaign for the Arts and Camden Council.