Our small core team is based in London, and we work with over 30 leading researchers in universities and organisations across the UK and Europe in an ESRC-funded research programme.

We’re a collaborative Centre, so please feel free to contact us.

Nancy Hey

Executive Director

Nancy is an experienced policy professional and coach who has worked with the UK’s top civil servants to introduce wellbeing into public policy. She has worked in nine government departments including on constitutional reform.

Deborah Hardoon, Head of evidence and analysis

Marta Moratti, Head of evidence and analysis (maternity cover)

Magdalena Soffia, Work and wellbeing analyst

Margherita Musella, Evaluation lead

Ingrid Abreu Scherer, Civil society implementation lead

Eileen Donnelly, Wellbeing at work implementation lead

Joanne Smithson, Local government & health sector lead

Patricia Curmi, Head of communications

Andrea Edwards, Communications officer

Jamila Boughelaf, Head of Programme, Governance & Operations

Stefanie Barczy, Programme, Governance & Operations Administrator

Michael Kyriakides, Head of Finance


Lead investigator

Kevin Daniels is our work theme lead. Kevin is Professor of Organisational Behaviour in the Employment Systems and Institutions Group, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia and a Fellow of the British Psychological Society.


Prof Olga Tregaskis learning theme lead, UEA

Prof Anna Robinson-Pant learning theme, UEA

Dr Mark Bryan transitions theme co-lead, Univeristy of Sheffield

Dr Chidiebere Ogbonnaya analytics, UEA

Dr Sara Connolly transitions theme co-lead, UEA

Prof Fujian Song biomedical science, UEA

Dr Lee Hooper biomedical science, UEA

Prof John Street public engagement and policy, UEA

Dr Simonetta Longhi analytics, University of Reading

Prof Gareth Thomas employment law, UEA

Dr Alita Nandi analytics, University of Essex

Lead Investigator

Christina Victor is Professor of Gerontology and Public Health and Vice Dean (Research) in the College of Health and Life sciences at Brunel University London.


Professor Louise Mansfield Brunel University London

Prof Paul Dolan London School of Economics

Prof Tess Kay Brunel University London

Prof Alan Tomlinson University of Brighton

Dr Catherine Meads Brunel University London

Prof Guy Julier University of Brighton

Dr Annette Payne Brunel University London

Prof Norma Daykin University of Winchester

Dr Louise Longworth Brunel University London

Lead investigator

Peter Kinderman is professor of Clinical Psychology and Head of the Institute of Psychology, Health and Society at the University of Liverpool.


Professor Rhiannon Corcoran University of Liverpool IPHS and Heseltine InstituteProfessor

Sarah Curtis Durham University Dept of Geography

Professor Rumona Dickson University of Liverpool IPHS

Professor Sarah Atkinson Durham University Dept of Geography

Professor John Brazier University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research

Dr Roger Green Goldsmiths College STaCS

Andy Pennington University of Liverpool

Dr Tessa Peasgood University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research

Sam Wren-Lewis Happy City

Dr Suzy Paisley University of Sheffield School of Health and Related Research

Adrian Nolan and Dr. Jenny Rouse Centre for Local Economies

Professor Ian Bache University of Sheffield Dept of Politics

Nicola Bacon Social Life Ltd

Professor Jane South Leeds Beckett University Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

Steve Clare Locality

Dr Anne-Marie Bagnall Leeds Beckett University Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

Saamah Abdallah New Economics Foundation

Mr Rob Newton Leeds Beckett University Faculty of Health & Social Sciences

Annie Quick, New Economics Foundation

Lead investigator

Richard Layard is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London Schools of Economics, and a life peer in the House of Lords since 2000. He is currently the Wellbeing Programme Director at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.


Professor Paul Frijters LSE

Professor Alissa Goodman Institute of Education UCL

Dr Jan-Emmanuel De Neve Oxford University

Professor Emla Fitzsimons Institute of Education UCL

Dr Andrew Clark LSE

Professor Martin Knapp LSE

Dr George Ploubidis Institute of Education UCL

Professor Nattavudh Powdthavee University of Warwick

Dr Jose-Luis Fernandez LSE

Mr Conal Smith OECD

Dr Mark Williamson, Action for Happiness

Project Partners

Professor David Clark, University of Oxford

Ms Lucy Bailey, How to Thrive