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University of Nottingham: Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy

In October 2017, in response to Universities UK’s StepChange initiative, University of Nottingham proposed their approach to developing holistic student health and wellbeing. This case study, written by Andy Winter, Campus Life Director, outlines how he led the creation of their institutional Student Health and Wellbeing Strategy, and what steps they are taking now this has been agreed.

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Working adults’ wellbeing: a randomised controlled trial of an online programme in personal goal-setting and action-planning

One way to improve the wellbeing of working adults is to provide brief training in setting and pursuing personal life goals. This was proven in a recent randomised controlled trial of a new online training programme developed at Royal Holloway University of London, involving 330 public sector employees across the UK. Participants reported improved wellbeing (greater life satisfaction, more positive emotions, less negative emotions, and a greater sense of purpose) five weeks after starting the programme and three months later.

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Children’s wellbeing since 1995: what’s changed?

This week’s guest blog is from Larissa Pople, Senior Researcher at The Children’s Society, on their latest Good Childhood Report, published this week. It is their annual digest of the latest trends, statistics and findings relating to children’s self-reported wellbeing in the UK. Here she pulls out some key findings on the differences in the wellbeing and mental health of boy and girls identified in the report.

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