Disability, physical activity and wellbeing

This week’s guest blog - the third in our Measuring Wellbeing series that focuses on improving the wellbeing of people with disabilities - comes from Leanne Wightman, coordinator of the Get Yourself Active project, run by Disability Rights UK. The project...

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Co-production: a key component for wellbeing

Lauren Pennycook is a Senior Policy and Development Officer at the Carnegie UK Trust. Lauren manages the Trust’s Embedding Wellbeing in Northern Ireland project, which seeks to support Community Planning Partnerships to implement a wellbeing outcomes approach.  ...

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Health and money: is wellbeing the common currency?

The UK health budget is almost 10% of national income, rising 3% a year due to ageing and general increases in costs of living. Is our government spending more on our health than we would spend ourselves – or much less? And how much would we be willing to pay if the...

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