What’s happening?

We are conducting a review of how to implement actions that improve the health and wellbeing of workers. This can include specific workplace health and wellbeing programmes and initiatives, but can also include other changes to how people are managed that has had health and wellbeing benefits. We are specifically interested in evaluations of the implementation process.

What can be included?

Workplace health and wellbeing programmes and initiatives can include, but are not limited to:

  • programmes for return to work following sickness absence
  • health awareness/promotion programmes
  • various forms of training in wellbeing relevant skills (e.g. mindfulness, resilience).

We also include initiatives and actions to improve the quality of jobs and work – even if the primary focus was to improve productivity, which can include attempts to improve:

  • workers’ involvement in decisions about how work is to done, when it is to be done or what is to be done
  • clarity of what is to be achieved at work
  • the chance to use a variety of skills at work
  • good working relationships with colleagues and/or customers
  • attainable goals and work demands or goals that do not conflict with one and other
  • reasonable working hours and work-life balance.

We are specifically interested in:

  1. The processes and factors that influence successful implementation of health and wellbeing programmes and initiatives in organisations.
  2. Identify whether those processes and factors are different for groups with poor wellbeing or at risk of poor wellbeing compared to those with good wellbeing.

Practice examples

We are looking for high quality evidence to use as practice examples. We are particularly seeking studies that:

  • investigate whether the programme or initiative was implemented as planned
  • investigate the actions of specific individuals that may have influenced the success of the programme or initiative
  • investigate features of the organisations or its operating environment that may have influenced the success of the programme or initiative
  • evidence impacts on wellbeing that may include stress, mental health, anxiety, depression, life or job satisfaction, burnout, or engagement.
  • evidence changes in productivity and performance that may include factors such as safety, performance and absence.

Qualitative or quantitative evidence is welcome. Evidence from studies conducted in the UK or with a UK component is preferred.

All examples must be written in English or have an English translation and include an author and date. We can only accept evidence which can be made publicly available. Please send your submissions to evidence@whatworkswellbeing.org  and include ‘workplace health and wellbeing programmes’ in the subject line.

All submissions should be received by 15 th Feburary 2019.