What we are looking for

We are looking for evidence (grey literature) produced by any organisation that will contribute to a conceptual review on loneliness to develop a conceptual framework for understanding loneliness and wellbeing across the life-course.

Grey Literature

By grey literature we mean ‘literature that is not formally published in sources such as books or journal articles’ (Lefebvre, Manheimer, & Glanville, 2008, p. 106). This may be produced by charities, government departments, businesses, community groups and others; and may include reports,
theses or dissertations, and more. In this instance we are looking for reports on a model, theory or framework for understanding loneliness or a related concepts.
Criteria for submission and review We will accept submissions for possible inclusion in our conceptual review of loneliness using the
following criteria:

  • Submissions must be a report on a model, theory, definition or framework for understanding loneliness or a related concept, for example social isolation, or social exclusion). Reports do not need to use the word ‘loneliness’.
  • Reports will have been completed at any date but must include author details (individuals, groups or organisations).
  • Evaluation methods may be entirely qualitative or include a qualitative aspect or mixed methods.

Please note that evidence can only be reviewed for inclusion in the work of the Culture, SportCommunities and Wellbeing Evidence Programme if submitted through this call or via our previous call issued in May 2018. Evidence submitted to individual researchers in the programme cannot be considered.

If you have previously sent documents to the culture, sport and communities team please re-submit through this call. If your organisation submitted a grey literature report to our previous call (May 2018) for our review of interventions to alleviate loneliness please do not resubmit the same report for this call.


Please submit relevant reports to the What Works Wellbeing Centre at: evidence@whatworkswellbeing.org

Deadline for submission: 31 January 2019