Updated 14/6/19: this call for evidence has been extended to 12 July 2019, and the term ‘performing arts’ was changed to ‘participatory arts’.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for grey literature – reports and other unpublished resources – that look at how space or place can enhance wellbeing or alleviate loneliness in over-16 year olds taking part in sports, physical activities or participatory arts.

To be considered, submissions must be:

  • a report on sport/physical activity or participatory arts and wellbeing or alleviation of loneliness, and space or place
  • completed between 2009-2019 and must include author details (individuals, groups or organisations).
  • qualitative in evaluation methods.

What do we mean by sport, space or place, and participatory arts?

By sport, we mean:

  • Any kind of physical activity

By space or place, we mean:

  • the physical and human characteristics of places, including things like community, neighbourhood or physical environment, or particular kinds of places – for example, public parks, green spaces or leisure centres.

By participatory arts, we mean:

  •  we mean creative and performance activities, for example visual arts, music and singing, dance, theatre and craft.

What is grey literature?

 By grey literature we mean “literature that is not formally published in sources such as books or journal articles” (Lefebvre, Manheimer, & Glanville, 2008, p. 106).

This may be produced by charities, government departments, businesses, community groups and others; and may include reports, theses or dissertations, and more.

Please note that evidence can only be reviewed for inclusion in the work of the Culture, Sport, Communities and Wellbeing programme if submitted through this call.

Evidence submitted to individual researchers in the programme cannot be considered. If you have previously sent documents to the Culture, Sport and Communities team please re-submit through this call.


Please submit relevant reports, with ‘Places and spaces’ in the subject line, to:


Deadline for submissions: Friday 12 July