Share your experience

 Do you work, or have your worked,  in a small organisation that was really great to work for?
The Centre is working with the Society for Occupational Medicine to put together some short case studies on small businesses or organisations (less than 10 employees) with high staff wellbeing.
There may be great relationships, a happy and supportive environment, or staff really feel valued and feel they can progress.
It may be because this organisation has followed the evidence on wellbeing, or are intuitively doing what feels right, or have perhaps stumbled into realising that looking after staff wellbeing is also good for business.
It may be a cafe where staff also compete in international coffee-art competitions; perhaps a small cleaning business where the staff have full flexibility about how and when they do their tasks, as long as things are clean by the next morning.  It could be an office where desks are set out to support physical health as well as encourage the ‘right’ conversations.
We would love to hear about what you have done to make your organisation a great place to work. We just need a couple of lines telling us about it and contact details, so that we can follow up with you. Please send your examples to by 20 April 2018.