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About Different People, Same Place: community wellbeing

>>If you have any published reports on the relationship between community and individual wellbeing, you can submit it to our call for evidence.

Thinking about how we are doing collectively, as communities, has been particularly prominent since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst social distancing has kept us all physically apart, community support, in terms of infrastructure, services, social support and mobilising a collective behavioral response to the pandemic has been more vital than ever.

Against this background, different forms of community support – like hyper local mutual aid groups – have achieved prominence. Yet understanding of what is meant by community wellbeing, and recognising that is is more than the sum of the wellbeing of the individuals within that community, and how to achieve it is still mixed and confusing for many.

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing, in partnership with Spirit of 2012 and the Centre for Ageing Better are working with researchers at Birmingham and Warwick Universities, teams lead by Dr Laura  Kudrna and Dr Oyinlola Oyebode.
What are we doing?
This project will develop a model that articulates the relationships between individual and community wellbeing and how this relationship is different for different people and in different places.
How will it help you?
The model will be designed for policy makers and practitioners who are working to improve wellbeing at the community level. It will also help you if your work focuses on individual wellbeing outcomes, by using the lens and assets of communities.
What happens next?
We currently have a call for evidence open for this project.

The project will include a qualitative review of existing evidence as well as new quantitative data analysis. This will identify the appropriate measures that can be used to understand and articulate individual and community outcomes, and their relationship.

We will test this model with stakeholders in places to understand, in more detail, the barriers and tradeoffs involved in seeking better outcomes for people and places.

For further questions, please contact DeborahHardoon@whatworkswellbeing.org


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