Mar 2, 2021 | by Patricia Curmi

What do we value in society? Tue, 9 March 2021 07:00 – 08:15 CST

This event is not hosted by the What Works Centre for Wellbeing. One of our team is presenting at it. For any enquiries about the event, please go to the event website.

Our Executive Director, Nancy Hey, will be speaking in this free online panel discussion from Sustainability First. The first in a series of six, it focusses on  how social values may have shifted through the crisis and what values we need to live more sustainably. Asking:

  • How has the Covid-19 pandemic made individuals, communities and businesses reassess what they value?
  • What values, resources and practices can help us live through uncertain times?
  • What values do we need to live more sustainably and how can these be put into action?
  • How do we define success in society?
  • Is it possible to move beyond a focus on economic growth to social and environmental wellbeing?
  • What do we teach children and young people to value?

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