Housing and wellbeing: rapid scoping review + appendices

This scoping review gives an indication of where initial evidence is, and where the gaps in knowledge exist.

It also informed our decision to focus on housing for vulnerable groups in our upcoming systematic review in early 2018. You can sign up by entering your email address into the evidence alert box in the bottom right of this page, to be alerted when the full review is published.

This will be a key piece of evidence for research funders, researchers and those looking to evaluate housing projects and policies.

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“A lot of people are living in awful housing. That has a knock-on effect on everything else, their mental health and within the community.”
– participant in the communities public dialogue, 2015

We can all agree that where you live, how you live and the community you live in are linked to your wellbeing. Yet we have little evidence of the ways it can impact different aspects of wellbeing, including physical and mental health.

To provide policy-makers, researchers and funders a better picture, the Centre commissioned a report of existing review-level evidence on housing and wellbeing. This identifies the strengths and weaknesses in existing knowledge and current gaps in the evidence base.

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