measuring wellbeing

Children’s wellbeing since 1995: what’s changed?

This week’s guest blog is from Larissa Pople, Senior Researcher at The Children’s Society, on their latest Good Childhood Report, published this week. It is their annual digest of the latest trends, statistics and findings relating to children’s self-reported wellbeing in the UK. Here she pulls out some key findings on the differences in the wellbeing and mental health of boy and girls identified in the report.

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Sector perspective: Conversations with funders on wellbeing evidence

This week’s blog is from Esther Goodwin Brown, an independent consultant and Programme Manager at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UK Branch (CGF). Esther shares some reflections from a series of conversations with funders and other stakeholders about how to facilitate civil society to share wellbeing evidence from project evaluations.

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