What’s been happening?

We’ve had a busy few years setting up the What Works Centre for Wellbeing and we are grateful for all the support along the way.

The Centre is now established with our board, core team and four initial evidence programmes. Here is our current workplan.

Our most recent work is

We continue to grow the audience of the Centre with our website  and the most used resource is the basic guide to evaluating wellbeing impact.

To be a successful Centre we need our work to be robust, relevant and accessible and this is built into everything we do including our projects and our governance.

We have been in contact with over 4,000 people in our set up year and this feedback has informed our plans for the development of the Centre and its workplans.

 Over the last year and half we have been building the foundations for our evidence reviews, analysis and bridging work including:
  • Stakeholder engagement around the UK to refine the evidence programme plans to ensure they are relevant for decision makers. This work will be summarised in a Voice of the User report.
  • We’ve been working on our methodology and towards a common currency for comparing the wellbeing impact of different policies and approaches.  This has involved all our experts across the Centre.
  • Science of Using Science knowledge project with Wellcome Trust and Nesta/Alliance for Useful Evidence is underway and is looking broadly at the evidence base for using evidence in decision making process. We look forward to sharing the findings in the Spring.
  • Delivery plans for the evidence programmes over the next 1 ½ years have been finalised and will be formally announced shortly.


  • Advisory Panel We have set up a panel to quality assure the Centre’s evidence outputs from a technical, ‘usability’ and communications perspective.
  • Strategic Council for wellbeing and work is being set up to advise on the future of the Centre’s work with business.