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We are an independent collaborative centre that puts high quality evidence on wellbeing into the hands of decision-makers in government, communities, businesses and other organisations. We bring pioneering thinkers together from across these sectors to share ideas and solutions. Our goal: to improve, and save, lives through better policy and practice for wellbeing.

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Measures of wellbeing and impact – who decides?

This week, Becky Seale and Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin, Public Health England researchers and co-leads of the Unleashing Healthy Communities project in Bromley by Bow, share their perspectives on traditional measurement of community-based approaches to...

Urban co-design for better wellbeing and health: Healthy New Town

On Monday, the NHS launched its Long Term Plan - with a focus on prevention, includes mental & physical health, community approaches, children and young people, and increased control for patients. This week’s guest blog looks at the Halton Lea Healthy New Town...

How can wellbeing evidence inform your work in 2019?

We start 2019 with an ambitious new series of evidence projects at the Centre. Each piece of research or guidance developed builds on the evidence programme of the last three years. The projects will also all be delivered within the next 12 months to ensure the...

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