Happiness, sexuality and partnerships

Indicators from the Office for National Statistics show that People who identify as lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) tend to rate their quality of life as lower than the UK average. Here, economists Shuai Chen and Jan C. van Ours* share the key findings from their...

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Higher education: improving wellbeing and mental health

We recently highlighted age differences in wellbeing in the UK. Research suggests that levels of mental illness and low wellbeing among 16-24 year olds, and students in higher education, in the UK are increasing, and are high relative to other sections of...

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Call for evidence: loneliness

Deadline: 11 June 2018 What are we looking for? We need your evidence, in the form of evaluation reports, on the effectiveness of interventions to alleviate loneliness in people at all stages of the life-course. What is it for? The evidence will be used to build a...

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Housing for vulnerable people: what works?

Today we publish an evidence review that looks at what works when it comes to interventions for housing-vulnerable people. It builds on evidence gaps identified in our scoping review earlier this year. In today’s blog we run the key findings against practitioner...

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Education to employment: the role of wellbeing

The transition from full-time education into employment can be a testing time for many young people. Helping young people find employment has been a key policy objective for many years, and indeed the percentage of young people not in education, employment or training...

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Wellbeing and potential barriers: Leaving no one behind

  The ONS has pioneered the measurement of national wellbeing in the UK, in addition to traditional measures of prosperity. This enables policy makers to make better, more well-rounded decisions. As the work matures, its scope is being expanded to better reflect the...

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Measuring National Wellbeing: Quality of Life in the UK, 2018

Today the Office for National Statistics releases its annual article on the wellbeing of the UK. Rhian Jones and Chris Randall, Quality of Life, Office for National Statistics share the headlines. Once a year, we report progress against a set of headline indicators...

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Health and wellbeing: middle managers feel the squeeze

Last week saw the release of the  UK's first comprehensive measure of UK job quality,  the CIPD's UK Working Lives survey report 2018. In this blog, CIPD's Employee Relations Adviser, Rachel Suff, gives an overview of the main findings. The CIPD UK Working Lives...

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