Can reading groups be used to tackle loneliness?

This week we have a joint guest blog from Dr Carina Spaulding at The Reading Agency and Dr Louisa Thomson at Renaisi. The Reading Agency launched Reading Friends, a co-produced befriending programme with the potential to alleviate loneliness and social isolation....

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New research, guidance and opportunities in 2020

After five years of collaborating, consolidating, and building the evidence on what works to improve wellbeing, in 2020 we are increasing our support for organisations taking evidence-informed action to improve wellbeing.  We’re continuing to collaborate with...

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Digital storytelling and measuring wellbeing impact

This week’s guest blog is from Simon Glenister, Founder and Director of the social enterprise Noise Solution, which delivers personalised, one-to-one music mentoring programmes to young people facing a variety of challenging circumstances. In this post, Simon...

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Does giving really make us happier than receiving?

This week’s guest blog is from Tom Lane, Assistant Professor in Economics at the University of Nottingham. Here, Tom outlines the key points from his talk on his literature review on how happiness relates to economic behaviour. The idea that being generous makes us...

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Findings, collaborations, and action: highlights from 2019

As 2019 wraps up, we're sharing some of the highlights. Click on any of these panels to find out more about the findings, collaborations, projects, and events that happened throughout the year. Have a great winter break, and thank you for being part of the wellbeing...

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What’s happening across the What Works Network?

This week, we’re giving a round up of wellbeing-related trials and projects from across the What Works Network. As a network, our work aligns to answer relevant policy and practice questions, and the Centres often collaborate. We will be sharing more of the Centre’s...

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Improving perinatal wellbeing: the role of digital support

This week our guest blog is from Nikki Newhouse, an interdisciplinary researcher in human-computer interaction with the Nuffield Department of Primary Care at the University of Oxford and the UCL Interaction Group. She looks at re-focussing wellbeing of pregnant...

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