Wellbeing economics and analysis

About Wellbeing economics and analysis

Traditionally, economics is a social science primarily concerned with production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

More pluralist approaches to economics draw on diverse voices, perspectives and approaches to understand how to organise society to achieve broader goals, such as ensuring sustainable, resilient and inclusive economies.

Wellbeing economics is about using science and evidence to organise society in a way that optimises wellbeing outcomes.

Our work in this area aims to support you to:

  • use and understand the wellbeing data and measures that now exist 
  • develop the methodology for using wellbeing data and evidence in decision-making, including the field of wellbeing economics.
  • increase the use of comparable measures across sectors and disciplines.

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Sep 17, 2020 | By Jon Franklin
Plugging the gaps: new cost-effectiveness guidance for charities
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Where to find Wellbeing data?

Map of wellbeing inequality across Great Britain 2017 

How to create and use your own wellbeing data

What analysis has been done? 

Analysis of ONS4 

Culture and sport 

Analysis in these topics are often most usefully use experiential measures of wellbeing.  Time Use surveys are also useful for this area.  Using this approach is helpful for improving time use for better wellbeing, and understanding how you improve positive mood or purpose 

 See more in Prof Paul Dolan’s Definitions and measures discussion paper.

It takes a similar approach to Mappiness data and papers or this Happy Place practice example.

Work and learning

Life course analysis and cost effectiveness with LSE Centre for Economic Performance 


What does the analysis tell us? 

Improving use of wellbeing in research and practice – Methods Series

Our Measuring Wellbeing series includes

Related content and discussion

Using measures in practice

Policy Tools

We are currently developing a collection of tools to support those involved with policy creation and influence. You can access the draft wellbeing policy tools here, and we would welcome your feedback.

Economic appraisal and valuation  

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Whether you want to improve health, education or employment, measuring wellbeing can show you the wider impact you have on the people and communities you support. Our online guidance supports you to measure your wellbeing impact.

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