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About Business Leaders’ Council

Contact Business Lead Eileen Donnelly at to find out more about becoming a member of the Business Leaders’ Council.

The Centre’s Business Leaders’ Council brings together a small and carefully selected number of non-competing stakeholders from the business sector who are not only demonstrating an ongoing commitment to wellbeing within their own workplace, but who are considering wellbeing in their supply chains, of their consumers and within society more broadly.

The Council, aided by a group of leading academics and with access to direct relationships across several government departments, will help to define the problems, scope the offer and implementation needs of private sector partners and support the development of the Centre’s expertise and delivery in this area of work.

We also seek to identify opportunities to pool resources and expertise to find solutions you can individually and/or collectively implement, applying evidence-based methods at scale.

The Centre’s team and its work are evolving and expanding. We are developing ambitious plans and programmes for next year that we would like you and your business to be a part of. It is an exciting time to contribute to and be a part of the Centre’s future.

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Business Leader benefits

  • Engage with other leaders in non-competitive sectors, research academics and government on the subject of wellbeing.
  • Help shape the agenda for research and policy on wellbeing, addressing all key drivers of wellbeing, not only of employees but also of customers and the communities in which businesses operate.
  • Attend and contribute to the development of content for the All Party Parliamentary Group Wellbeing Economics.
  • Attend, contribute and be named supporters of the Centre’s new evidence briefings (at no extra cost).
  • Gain insight from academia into emerging workplace research and its relevance and have access to pre-publication findings from Centre projects.
  • Access further sponsorship opportunities of new Centre publications and thereby benefit from enhanced reputation, corporate branding, associated position of thought leadership and input into any subsequent events related to the reports.
  • Be profiled as practice examples and feature in guest blogs on the Centre’s website through blogs.
  • Discuss the development of new and bespoke projects tailored to your business needs that also align with the Centre’s mission and further businesses’ and society’s understanding of wellbeing.
  • Take advantage of pilot schemes to test implementation of wellbeing interventions to gain evidence and new insight into what works.
  • Access support from the Centre to advise on evaluation methods for wellbeing interventions in your business.
  • Receive briefings on developments in wellbeing public policy
  • Offer potential for collaboration with academics, other companies and funders.
  • Meet regularly through the year with information exchanged electronically between meetings.


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External resource

  • International Labour Organization
  • OECD employment data
  • RSA – Future Work Centre
  • CIPD Knowledge Hub
  • ONS employment data
  • World Happiness Report – happiness and voting behaviour
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