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Jun 19, 2018 | by Nancy Hey

Centre awarded £1.5m national lottery funding + trustee recruitment

The Centre has received £1.5 million of National Lottery funding over three years from the Big Lottery Fund, for our work to support charities to use evidence to improve people’s wellbeing. The funding will help build the capacity of charity and community organisations to improve their impact, based on the evidence findings.

To meet the need for evidence-informed action in civil society, we’ll be working with a cohort of charities and social enterprises, of all sizes, who work to improve wellbeing to build expertise, capability and a shared common language about wellbeing across the sector.  

We’re recruiting a new trustee

To better deliver our support to civil society, we are seeking to recruit a new board member with the relevant experience of the sector.  If this is you, you can join us at an exciting time of growth and help us ground our research in the needs and priorities of practitioners in communities. You can see our current board here.

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How to measure your wellbeing impact

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How to measure your wellbeing impact

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