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Sep 23, 2015 | by Tricia

Latest personal wellbeing figures released from ONS

Each year, about 165,000 of us across the UK are asked to rate how we feel about different aspects of our lives. Today sees the release of the 4th annual results on personal well-being from the Office for National Statistics. → Results in full

The personal wellbeing questions ask: 

  • how satisfied we are with our lives overallwellbeinglisticalcontent01_tcm77-417222

As well as looking at how the average results change year on year, the findings also get below the surface to show how evenly wellbeing is distributed across the UK, both in terms of where we live and our characteristics and circumstances.

The findings are now available across every local authority area in the UK and the personal well-being questions are asked on a wide range of national surveys, programme evaluations  and at local level by agencies like Health and Wellbeing Boards .  

How can the questions and data help you in your wellbeing work?

→ONS have also released information on personal wellbeing and housing: 

Estimates of Personal Well-being from the Annual Population Survey by housing tenure 2014/2015.


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