New wellbeing evidence knowledge bank

WELLBEING KNOWLEDGE BANK - Three years of wellbeing evidence in one spreadsheet Over the past three years, the Centre has completed 16 systematic reviews on wellbeing and:culture and sportwork and learningcommunity wellbeing.To make...

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Measures of wellbeing and impact – who decides?

This week, Becky Seale and Catherine-Rose Stocks-Rankin, Public Health England researchers and co-leads of the Unleashing Healthy Communities project in Bromley by Bow, share their perspectives on traditional measurement of community-based approaches to...

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How can wellbeing evidence inform your work in 2019?

We start 2019 with an ambitious new series of evidence projects at the Centre. Each piece of research or guidance developed builds on the evidence programme of the last three years. The projects will also all be delivered within the next 12 months to ensure the...

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Wellbeing evidence, policy and practice in 2018

Happy holidays from all of us at the Centre. Thank you for your support, insights, feedback and participation: it led to more evidence-informed action; more understanding of what wellbeing is, and how to measure it; and some impactful collaborations...

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Workplace health and wellbeing: call for evidence

What's happening? We are conducting a review of how to implement actions that improve the health and wellbeing of workers. This can include specific workplace health and wellbeing programmes and initiatives, but can also include other changes to how people are managed...

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Credible evidence for better decisions, to improve lives


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