What do we know about tackling loneliness (so far)?

Today we publish What do we know about tackling loneliness? A ‘review of reviews’  that is based on a sift of 364 evidence reviews from across the world, and within the UK.  It was carried out with our Culture and Sport Evidence team at Brunel University London and...

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What might a rise in social trust mean for our wellbeing?

The British Social Attitudes survey has been carried out annually by the National Centre for Social Research since 1983. Every year they ask over 3,000 people what it's like to live in Britain and how they think Britain is run. Our Head of Evidence,...

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Work progression and job security: what works?

Last week was the launch of Measuring Good Work from RSA, Future Work Centre and Carnegie UK. Today, the Centre publishes Promotion and Job Security, an evidence review and briefing that looks at all the published evidence on how progression at work impacts wellbeing....

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Measuring impact of the arts as a creative learning charity

Artis Foundation’s evaluation journey: part one As part of our Measuring Wellbeing series, we're looking at the evaluation journies of a range of civil society organisations, as told by the people leading the change and learning. This week, June Stevenson,...

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Outcomes Stars: a tool for measuring wellbeing

As part of a new series of blogs that focus on a range of wellbeing measurement tools from different sectors, this week our guest blog is from Anna Good, Research Analyst at Triangle, the social enterprise behind the Outcomes Stars. The...

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Children’s wellbeing since 1995: what’s changed?

This week’s guest blog is from Larissa Pople, Senior Researcher at The Children’s Society, on their latest Good Childhood Report, published this week. It is their annual digest of the latest trends, statistics and findings relating to children’s self-reported wellbeing in the UK. Here she pulls out some key findings on the differences in the wellbeing and mental health of boy and girls identified in the report.

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Does outdoor recreation with family promote subjective wellbeing?

Today we publish the systematic review that looks at the wellbeing outcomes when taking part in outdoor activities with family. There is existing evidence on the benefits being outdoors has for our wellbeing but less evidence of the wellbeing benefits when the time is spent with family. Here we outline the key findings.

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Sector perspective: Conversations with funders on wellbeing evidence

This week’s blog is from Esther Goodwin Brown, an independent consultant and Programme Manager at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UK Branch (CGF). Esther shares some reflections from a series of conversations with funders and other stakeholders about how to facilitate civil society to share wellbeing evidence from project evaluations.

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