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Feb 17, 2015 | by Centre

Talking about wellbeing – Does your organisation have public dialogue expertise?

Wellbeing is about people and what matters to us.  The What Works Centre for Wellbeing are looking forward to continue the dialogue  and  hearing from the public about what wellbeing means to them and their ideas for how policies could be designed to support wellbeing.

Watch the video from the most recent public dialogues on wellbeing Sciencewise

A generous grant from BIS through the Sciencewise programme has made the project possible and we are now inviting bids from organisations with expertise in conducting public dialogues. During the spring and summer, we will be bringing together members of the public and policy makers to discuss what really matters to wellbeing and how we can take that into account across a range of policy areas.

Public dialogues Ewen-blog-DSCF3352-620x322Does your organisation have pubilc dialogue expertise?

Yes? Have a look at the Invitation to Tender and submit a bid by 9th of March (10:00 am).

If you’ve got an idea for a policy issue to include get in touch (

Follow the blog to hear more about the project.


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