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May 18, 2020 | by Margherita Musella

Wellbeing Impact Evaluations: call for evidence

Have you used the ONS Personal Wellbeing Measures to assess the impact of an intervention to improve wellbeing?  If so, you can submit your evaluations and help increase the visibility and use of wellbeing evidence.

What is happening?

As part of the Rapid Evidence Assessment – carried out by our partners NHS Solutions for Public Health – we are looking for the most relevant evidence from all sectors including voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations, funders, academics, government, public sector and business to better understand how interventions can impact wellbeing in adults. 

Criteria for submission

We are looking for research or evaluations of interventions where improvement in wellbeing is an objective. They need to meet all the following criteria.

  • They were completed since 2011 in the UK, and include author details (whether it’s an individual, group/s or organisation/s).
  • The methods used in the research or evaluation include quantitative data reporting the impact of an intervention against a comparator. This could be a control group or a before and after intervention assessment.
  • The research or evaluation explores the impact on wellbeing in adults using at least one of the ONS4 Personal Wellbeing Measures.

If your report on wellbeing impact doesn’t meet these criteria, we’d still value you sharing it with our evaluation specialist Margherita at margherita.musella@whatworkswellbeing.org. It may be incorporated into the platform in a later phase of this ongoing project.

Next steps

Please send your research/evaluations by Friday 5 June to evaluation@whatworkswellbeing.org with the subject header: Wellbeing Interventions Evidence Review. 

Here is the protocol which provides further information about our approach for the review

Thank you for your help. 

We will email the findings to everyone who submits material when we publish them. 

If you don’t have evidence to submit, but would like to find out the results of the research, sign up to our email alert below.


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