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Dec 16, 2014

Doncaster Council – early intervention and prevention in communities services

This video shows what happened in Doncaster Council as the early intervention and prevention aspect as Health and Wellbeing were changing in Doncaster and across the country.

The Communities service had been facilitating community engagement and activities for a significant period of time. With the introduction of public health into the authority and Health and Wellbeing Board, it enabled us to understand the real impact we were having on the community from a health and wellbeing perspective.

We also ensured that this was understood from a professional perspective and this has seen a real leadership, political and partnership commitment to dedicating resources for a fully effective and informed community early help offer.

This has driven innovative change through the organisation, growing the Community Help offer and even impacting on Adult Commissioning, with a new community commissioning prospectus for £1 million being delivered right now, in Doncaster.

More information from  Lisa Swainston at Doncaster Council –  Lisa.Swainston@Doncaster.Gov.UK

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