Using evidence: what works?

The Alliance for Useful Evidence has joined forces with the Wellcome Trust, the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, and the EPPI-Centre at University College London (UCL) to uncover the evidence on what works to enable research use.



This discussion paper gives an introduction to, and discussion of, a project – The Science of Using Science – that reviewed the literature on effective strategies to increase the use of research evidence. The research was undertaken by the EPPI-Centre at UCL. This paper provides over 30 examples and case studies of successful efforts to increase research uptake.

We took a comprehensive approach to reviewing the research. Essentially, it is a ‘review of reviews’, and involved two phases: Firstly, a Systematic Review6 of Systematic Reviews in the more specialist research on the efficacy of interventions to increase the use of research in decision-making. It included 36 systematic reviews that reported on 91 interventions.

Secondly, a Scoping Review of other social science interventions that might be relevant to the first study. For instance, media and communications; organisational learning and management; psychology and behavioural sciences; adult learning theory; development
studies; political sciences; sociology; information design; and climate/environmental science.

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