Adult learning and life satisfaction

The analysis here adds to the evidence base on the benefits of learning participation in three ways:

  1. It provides causal links of the impact of learning on life satisfaction
  2. It is broad in scope, going beyond specific sub-groups of the UK population
  3. It captures new evidence about the impact of hobbies & leisure training

The following questions are addressed:

  • What are the life satisfaction gains from different types of training, specifically, hobbies & leisure training and job-related training?
  • Do some groups gain more life satisfaction from learning than others? Here our comparisons focus on the impact of learning participation on life satisfaction by age, gender, ethnicity & migration status, and employment status.
  • Do some people living in some types of areas of the UK gain more life satisfaction from learning than others? Here we focus on one area level characteristic, deprivation.
  • Does qualification level make a difference to the learning pathway to increased life satisfaction?

Read the blog for this analysis.

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