Work progression and job security: briefing

How does getting promoted, and other forms of in-work progression, impact our welbeing?

The review this briefing is based on included:

  • monetary gains, for example, increased earnings as a result of an hourly pay rise, increased hours of work, or promotion
  • non-monetary gains, for example, progression into a more stable and secure job, which may result in monetary gains over the longer-term.

The studies that were included in this review measured progression as:

  • people’s self-reported experiences of progression
  • changes in seniority
  • expectations of promotion

This means it is difficult to specify what particular aspects of job progression are having an effect on reported life satisfaction, job satisfaction and mental health outcomes.

Much of the evidence is classed as promising rather than strong, reflecting the relatively small number of studies conducted, even though they use nationally representative longitudinal data.


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