November 2023

Maximising wellbeing in kidney care

Shaping new technologies for remote monitoring of kidney function

Maximising wellbeing in kidney care
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This project aims to produce a practical guide for developers of new devices for remote monitoring and self-testing of kidney function. 

The guide will show how devices can be designed:

  • To maximise kidney patient’s wellbeing; and 
  • improve job quality for health professionals.  


Our experience and perception of our mental and physical health is the biggest single factor that explains, on average, how we rate our wellbeing.  Acute health problems affect wellbeing the most, and long term chronic ill health puts people at increased risk of low wellbeing.

A recent report from the Centre for Mental Health highlights, kidney disease is a risk factor for poor mental wellbeing, and poor mental wellbeing is a risk factor for worse outcomes for people with kidney disease.

Currently regular check-ups for people who need their kidney function monitoring usually take place in hospitals or clinics. This means patients often need to travel and wait for tests, even when they are well and have no other need to see a healthcare professional.  New technologies in development could instead enable patients to self-test their kidney function at home.

What is being done?

This project explores how the introduction of new technologies for remote monitoring could be designed to both improve patient wellbeing and increase job quality for kidney healthcare professionals.

We want to understand:

  • How kidney care currently works.
  • What kidney patients and healthcare professionals feel about new ways of monitoring kidney function.
  • What experts developing new kidney monitoring approaches should consider when designing these technologies.

Who are we working with?

This project is developed with the Q Lab UK and supported by the Health Foundation and NHS England

It is delivered in partnership with the UK Kidney MedTech Research Network and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

How can you be involved?

From 1 to 17 November 2023 we are asking kidney patients and renal healthcare professionals to share their views on how kidney care is currently provided and the impact new technologies could have. 

Early in the new year, we will be asking participants to rank which features of new devices are the most important and to explore how devices could be customised to meet their needs. 

Register to take part.

Share this project with:

  • a renal consultant or renal specialist nurse who is currently providing care for patients in the NHS.
  • a patient who is currently having regular hospital check-ups to monitor their kidney function.

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