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October 2017

Measuring wellbeing inequalities

Building understanding and measurement capability of wellbeing inequalities in Britain

Measuring wellbeing inequalities
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To reduce wellbeing inequalities, we need to know how to measure it and what the drivers are, then make this knowledge available for use.

Our work in this area has focused on just that. Through the Measuring wellbeing inequalities project, we have produced resources which help us collectively better understand how to measure wellbeing inequalities in local areas and analyse the data to focus interventions on what works to improve it. 

These resources include:

  1. The first report to measure wellbeing inequality in Britain, which can pinpoint those places where there is the greatest disparity between those who feel satisfied with their lives and those who do not.
  2. A report and briefing which lays out the drivers of wellbeing inequalities.
  3. A how-to-guide for analysts and practitioners with analytical experience on why you should be interested in wellbeing inequalities, how to analyse data, and how to assess whether inequality is changing for the better or worse.

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In this project

Report - March 2017
Measuring wellbeing inequality in Britain
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Report and briefing - October 2017
Drivers of wellbeing inequality
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How-to guide - May 2017
Measuring wellbeing inequalities: a how-to guide
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