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May 2020

Covid-19 and work email series

Covid-19 and work email series

Covid-19 led to sudden and huge changes across society, and to how we work. Our 12-part email series offers the best available evidence on what works to maintain wellbeing, and support adaptation to the new realities of working.

This email series was created as a result of the pandemic, but its insights remain relevant beyond it. Sign up here to receive the email series over a 12 week period. Alternatively, below is a summary of each email and a link to the full versions:

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How can work affect our sense of purpose?

How are your colleagues getting on?

How happy are your employees?

Do your employees feel safe?

Are you developing your existing talent?

Is work-life conflict affecting your employee wellbeing?

Are you or your staff worried about money?

Want to improve employee wellbeing, but don’t know where to start?

Do your employees feel they are treated fairly?

How do you know which wellbeing activities are effective for your employees?

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