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February 2024

Creative pathways to wellbeing

Creative pathways to wellbeing
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Based on existing evidence, this model sets out the creative contexts and mechanisms associated with wellbeing outcomes, so that we know what needs to be included in developing activities that work.

Not all the elements will be relevant to all activities or people.


Context – the settings the activities took place in, the people involved, the type of activity, and the delivery circumstances. It also includes the wider social and
political environment for the interventions.

Mechanisms – the behaviours, motivations, social norms, relationships, culture, resources, underlying structures and politics that lead to an outcome being achieved.

Intermediate and wellbeing outcomes – the changes that occur as a result of the activities, often building on each other over the course of the intervention.

A green plus indicates activities, resources and mechanisms that facilitate effective outcomes. A red minus indicates context and mechanisms that act as barriers to effective activities. Green arrow indicate improvements in wellbeing outcomes.

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