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October 2017

Policy tools: wellbeing impacts and cost-effectiveness

Policy tools: wellbeing impacts and cost-effectiveness
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Policy tools: wellbeing impacts and cost-effectiveness

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How does your policy or programme impact people’s wellbeing? Is it good value for money?

Our free online course is based on a one-day course we ran in partnership with the London School of Economics Centre for Economic Performance.

It offers a useful way to measure the direct relationship between any policy or programme and its impact on people’s wellbeing. It draws on fresh, practical thinking from our patron Lord Gus O’Donnell, Professor Richard Layard and other leading policy and wellbeing experts to give you the tools to calculate whether your policies or interventions are cost effective.

If you create or influence national or local policy, or run public programmes, you probably already know that improving people’s wellbeing is the ultimate goal of any policy or public service. This is true whether it’s within employment, health, planning, economics or any other sector.

Yet, until now, there’s been no way to understand what’s the best value for money when it comes to designing policies and programmes that improve people’s lives.

This course lays out what factors determine wellbeing, then dives straight into the big ideas behind this transformative way of making and shaping policy.

What will be covered?

  • What is the objective? Why wellbeing? How to measure it?
  • What causes wellbeing, and what scope is there for improving it?
  • Putting it into practice: what does this mean for national policy? For local authorities?
  • Putting it into practice: Understanding what works – and the challenges.
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis with wellbeing as the measure of benefit.
  • How wellbeing affects health and productivity.
  • Closing remarks from Lord Gus O’Donnell.
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