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March 2023

Topping up existing trials - a syndicated approach to wellbeing research

Topping up existing trials – a syndicated approach to wellbeing research

About this paper

There is a powerful need to learn more about:

  • ‘what works’ for wellbeing;
  • whether wellbeing benefits are positively or negatively correlated with other outcome measures;
  • what types of interventions are most beneficial to wellbeing.

In this paper, we will:

  1. Lay out the challenge that we face in identifying the impacts of interventions on wellbeing.
  2. Present a potential solution in the form of the Wellbeing Top-Up Fund.
  3. Describe both the practice and the strategy that we will use to administer this Fund over the coming years.

The Fund aims to achieve a low cost step change in the number of trials that measure wellbeing as an outcome by:

  • Identifying trials that are either ongoing or under development, where funding is already agreed for the trial itself and its evaluation.
  • Funding evaluators to collect data on wellbeing in addition to other outcomes being collected.
  • Collecting these data in a wellbeing trial data archive.
  • Increasing capacity among evaluators.

This research is funded by the Evaluation Accelerator Fund, which is administered by the Cabinet Office Evaluation Task Force.

Get in touch

Let us know via email if you are conducting analysis or evaluations that use subjective wellbeing measures so we can incorporate these insights into the evidence base.

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You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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