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July 2023

Using people’s feelings to value time

Using people’s feelings to value time

About the authors

Applied economist Dr Christian Krekel is Assistant Professor in Behavioural Science in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science, London School of Economics (LSE), and a Research Associate at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), LSE, and at the Wellbeing Research Centre, University of Oxford. His research looks at how our environment affects our lives – specifically, our behaviour, health, and (ultimately) our wellbeing. He is a recipient of the European Economic Association (EEA)’s Young Economist Award.

Dr George MacKerron is Senior Lecturer in the Economics of Environment, Energy, and Climate Change (Economics) at the University of Sussex. He gained his PhD on happiness and environmental quality at LSE. His research focuses on the economics of subjective wellbeing and the environment. George is a co-founder of Psychological Technologies Limited, which seeks to measure and enhance wellbeing and productivity within organisations.

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