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June 2022

Wellbeing Non-Executive Director Theory of Change

Wellbeing Non-Executive Director Theory of Change

A theory of change for wellbeing champions

This theory of change was developed as part of our work in understanding how wellbeing champions and wellbeing assurance is delivered in practice.

Our key goals in developing this model included:

  • Illustrating how the appointment of a board-level Wellbeing NED could lead to impact on outcomes leading to improved wellbeing in the organisation.
  • Identifying various individual-level and organisational-level background/contextual factors which may impact on the Wellbeing NED role and their ability to carry out their role effectively.
  • Identifying the various mechanisms of change – for example levers, tools, and steps – which are involved in the journey of the Wellbeing NED role from when they are first appointed.
  • Identifying any potential barriers and facilitators to the development of a Wellbeing NED role, potential barriers and facilitators, and unintended consequences, with a description of each stage.

Download the theory of change at the top of the page and find out more about the Board-level and Governance Wellbeing Roles project here.

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