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September 2018

Work Progression and Job Security

Work Progression and Job Security
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Until now, the consensus has been that getting promoted at work – whether in terms of pay, status or responsibility – is good for our wellbeing.

This briefing explores whether the evidence backs this assumption up. It is based on a systematic review of the evidence of how progression at work impacts wellbeing. It looks at what kind of progression is important to employees, and what the potentially negative impacts of progression may be.

Job progression is one aspect of job quality. Evidence shows that while being employed is good for wellbeing, being in a quality job is even better, as our Job Quality briefing from 2017 emphasised.

By ‘high quality’, we don’t mean a certain skill level, type or industry. It’s about what makes a job worthwhile for us. Things like:

  • how secure it is
  • the social connections we have
  • the ability to use and develop our skills
  • clear responsibilities
  • opportunities to have a say in a supportive workplace.

You need to give everyone the same opportunities to progress, if people want to.

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You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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