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Apr 28, 2016 | by Centre

Call for evidence: Job quality, other employment practices and wellbeing

Work &Learning

We are  conducting a review of job quality and wellbeing.

Job quality relates to the features of work often perceived to relate to satisfying or desirable work experiences – such as:

  • some involvement in decisions about how work is to done, when it is to be done or what is to be done
  • clarity of what is to be achieved at work
  • the chance to use a variety of skills at work
  • good working relationships with colleagues and/or customers
  • attainable goals and work demands or goals that do not conflict with one and other
  •  reasonable working hours

We are specifically interested in two research questions:

1) Do improvements in job quality lead to reliable effects on worker wellbeing and productivity?

2) Are more positive outcomes achieved by introducing other changes to employment  practices alongside improved job quality?

We are looking for high quality evidence on each of these questions to use as best practice examples. We are particularly seeking the following types of evidence:

  • Evaluation studies with assessments of wellbeing made before and after the introduction of the intervention – this is to allow us to determine whether the intervention produced any changes in wellbeing.
  • Evaluations including comparison groups that did not receive the intervention.
  • Studies showing the combined effects of improvements in job quality and other employment practices introduced at the same time.
  • Evidence of impacts on wellbeing that may include stress, mental health, anxiety, depression, life or job satisfaction, burnout, or engagement.
  • Evidence of changes in productivity and performance that may include factors such as safety, performance and absence.
  • Qualitative or quantitative evidence is welcome.
  • Evidence from studies conducted in the UK or with a UK component is preferred.

All examples must be written in English or have an English translation and include an author and date. We can only accept evidence which can be made publicly available.

→Please send your submissions to  and include ‘Job Quality Evidence’ in the subject line.  

All submissions should be received by 13th of May 2016 .


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