Dec 18, 2019 | by Tricia

Findings, collaborations, and action: highlights from 2019

As 2019 wraps up, we’re sharing some of the highlights. Click on any of these panels to find out more about the findings, collaborations, projects, and events that happened throughout the year. Have a great winter break, and thank you for being part of the wellbeing movement.

Jan- Knowledge bank BETAFeb- New guidance for measuring lonelinessMarch - what works in heritageApril -  May - spotlight on disability and wellbeingJune - wellbeing across the devolved UKJuly - making sense of lonelinessAugust - evidence-informed funding for communities September - supporting evidence into action for women carersOctober - improving wellbeing, work, and businessNovember - new project collaborationsDecember - understanding wellbeing workshops fully booked


Practice Examples
Aug 28, 2018
Urban forests to improve wellbeing in dementia patients
Jul 6, 2018 | By Centre
Evidence round-up and reflections
Centre Blog
Aug 28, 2019 | By Dr Louise Moore
Wellbeing of children in the UK: influential factors and fears about the future
Guest Blog

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