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May 18, 2021 | by Ingrid Abreu Scherer

Covid Inequalities Data Map – design brief


We’re looking for an experienced and creative data designer who can develop an interactive data map based on a spreadsheet of studies about Covid-related inequalities.


We’ve brought together emerging research and data about the impacts of Covid-19 on inequalities, as seen through a framework of wellbeing and the drivers of wellbeing. The aim is to help those working in policy and practice to identify where there may be a need to prioritise interventions to improve wellbeing outcomes. 

There are over 400 evidence entries that have been included in a spreadsheet. For each entry we have included details of the source of the evidence and its methodology, as well as the findings by wellbeing domain and identifying which individuals and groups have been particularly affected

We want the evidence to be accessible and useful, which means people need to be able to interact and search the information to find what they are interested in, primarily searching by wellbeing driver and the list of personal and group identifiers.

An evidence map (like this onethis one, or this one) would help people find the evidence they want, get an overview of where the evidence is, and identify gaps in the evidence.

It needs to:

  • Make the studies in our database available in a clear and accessible way on our website
  • Show the intersectional relationships of wellbeing drivers and personal characteristics (plus other ‘columns’) 
  • Map the distribution of the quantity evidence and gaps in evidence 
  • Ideally designed using an existing software so we can update it when needed and have control over the backend (like Tableau or Airtable)
  • Integrate with our WordPress-based website 

If you have experience with developing this kind of interactive tool, get in touch.

Send an email titled ‘Covid Inequalities Data Map’ to evidence@whatworkswellbeing.org before Wednesday 26th May 2021.


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