Jun 28, 2016 | by Centre

Oxford Univeristy Resilience for teens project (MYRIAD) recruiting schools

The MYRIAD  my resilience in adolescence project is recruiting schools to take part in a image002 (1)national secondary-school based project led by the University of Oxford.

The project is investigating how schools prepare young people to manage their emotional health and improve their resilience during adolescence. Funded by the Wellcome Trust it is one of the largest projects to explore this area to date.

The research focuses on pupils aged 11-14. It will help researchers gain valuable insight into this critical period in pupil’s lives and look at how the school curriculum could best develop young people’s resilience.

→letter for teachers

If you are interested in taking part please contact the project by the 1st July

→To register an interest in participating click here

Email: myriad@psych.ox.ac.uk  Tel: 01865 613 164



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