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March 2023

Green Book Training: Wellbeing Guidance

Training for economists on the HMT Green Book Supplementary Guidance on Wellbeing.

Green Book training: wellbeing guidance
In partnership with

We co-created free training for economists on implementing the recommendations of The Green Book, and the supplementary guidance for wellbeing.

What is The Green Book?

The Green Book is the main HM Treasury guidance for officials and analysts who work on business cases and appraisals.

In October 2020, the Chancellor published a review of the Green Book and an updated version.

In July 2021, the supplementary guidance on valuation of wellbeing was published. This was developed with the Centre and its teams by the cross-government Social Impacts Task Force.

Why did we offer this training?

The Green Book review identified implementation as a key priority, and this work focuses on the communication and implementation of the HM Treasury guidance. The key audience is economists and the aim of the training was to increase awareness, confidence and capability.

What did the training include?

The training series included introductory one-hour sessions and half-day workshops to increase awareness of the guidance and confidence and capability to use it.

Sessions covered:

  • The Green Book and its role in bringing wellbeing into policymaking.
  • The role of wellbeing in business cases and in developing the strategic case.
  • How to locate the relevant parts of the guidance for appraisal and evaluation.
  • Training and exercises on wellbeing impact measurement and all tools and calculations.

This series is produced and delivered in collaboration with ProBono Economics and State of Life.

If you have questions or want to register your interest, contact ProBono Economics.


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