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March 2023

Wellbeing Evaluation top-up fund

Expanding existing trials to include measures of subjective wellbeing

Wellbeing Evaluation top-up fund

We are collaborating with other What Works Centres, evaluators and researchers around the UK to ‘top up’ new or ongoing trials with wellbeing measurement.

The overall goal of public policy and civil society is to improve people’s lives, which means wellbeing is a potential or intended outcome for a significant number of policies and activities.

Despite this, there remains a lot to understand about how we can influence wellbeing through evidence-informed decisions.


As a bridging organisation, our role is to collate and accelerate access to wellbeing evidence. Part of this is achieved by supporting the consistent and appropriate use of robust measures to capture insights.

Through this project we hope to set a precedent for:

  • Greater collaboration between what works centres.
  • Better understanding of what works to improve wellbeing.
  • A step change in improving wellbeing outcomes.


We are working with partners to identify appropriate trials where wellbeing measurement can be incorporated either in the field or in the design phase.


This research is funded by the Evaluation Accelerator Fund (EAF), which is administered by the Cabinet Office Evaluation Task Force.


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