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June 2023

Civil Service wellbeing over time: exploring data from the Civil Service People Survey 2019-22

Civil Service wellbeing over time: exploring data from the Civil Service People Survey 2019-22

About the paper

We are least satisfied with our lives between the ages of 23 and 68, the age many people are in employment. Being employed is a particularly important short and long term driver of life satisfaction. Beyond having a job or not, the quality of our job and how satisfied we are with it is important for our overall wellbeing.

A workforce’s wellbeing is an important concern for employers, as unhappy and unmotivated employees are likely to experience greater absence, turnover, and lower productivity than one that has higher wellbeing.

Collecting and analysing workplace wellbeing data provides an insight into how staff wellbeing is affected over time across organisations, type of work and in the context of the wider world. Measurement of job quality is still unclear but Job Satisfaction has been improving in the UK over the long term since 2015/16. 

Through the annual Civil Service People Survey, the UK government has collected wellbeing data in the civil service with results available from 2014. This provides valuable insight into employee wellbeing in different government organisations before, during and through recovery from the pandemic.

In this short paper, we build on our previous analysis to further consider:

  1. How civil service wellbeing has changed over the pandemic, and how it has changed over the longer term.
  2. How the civil service has continued its recovery from the deleterious effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  3. How loneliness and stress within the civil service are changing over time.
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Changes through the pandemic

Were changes between 2021 and 2022 uniform?

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You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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