June 2021


An interactive database mapping Covid wellbeing inequalities accompanied by briefings on subjective inequalities, employment and income, and housing

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Although the whole of the UK has been affected by Covid-19 and its social and economic consequences, the impact has differed between people.

To support a wellbeing-centred recovery, we need to understand how impacts have been felt across the population, including how the key factors that drive wellbeing have been affected.

Together with the Centre for Thriving Places, we brought together emerging research on the impact of the pandemic on different populations and on different outcomes. 

An interactive database

The result is Covid:WIRED, a database of studies that identifies what aspects of life have been affected by the pandemic, as well as which individuals have been most impacted by these changes. 

The database focuses on subjective wellbeing and its six drivers: 

  • Health
  • What we do
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Where we live
  • Education

The database can be searched by domain, inequality dimension and study design. It can also be filtered to show whether the evidence suggests the wellbeing change was positive or negative, or widened or narrowed existing wellbeing inequalities. 

Explore Covid:WIRED

Submit your research for future versions of Covid:WIRED by filling out this form.

Three briefings

Additional outputs from the project were three briefings based on the information from the dashboard. These covered subjective wellbeing, housing, and employment and income, and can be found in the tiles further down on the page.

The Covid:WIRED dashboard was developed by Deborah Hardoon, Ingrid Abreu-Scherer, Rosie Maguire, Saamah Abdallah, Sam Wren-Lewis, Liz Zeidler, Lisa Muller, Melissa Cairns, Joanne Smithson and Nancy Hey – in partnership with Centre for Thriving Places.

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