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October 2018

Wellbeing across the working life

Wellbeing across the working life
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Review the evidence on the interactive infographic

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An interactive summary of the Centre’s work and learning evidence programme that ran from 2016 to 2019.

This interactive tool draws on evidence from a series of reviews and analysis completed by researchers exploring wellbeing across the working life. They looked at how the nature of work and learning impacts on wellbeing and the effect of transitions into and out of work.

To find out more about different parts of the working life simply click on each part of the diagram where you see a pointer and it will reveal evidence, if you want to dive deeper then click on individual evidence statements. The information contained in this tool is a summary, but more detailed reports and briefings, all are available on the What Works Centre for Wellbeing website and you will find links to them throughout the tool.

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