March 2020

Context matters: three questions to ask

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This resource is part of the Guidance for better workplace wellbeing

It sets out how to apply the five principles for workplace interventions to improve wellbeing in your specific context.

Evidence shows that there are three questions to consider when implementing workplace health and wellbeing programmes.

1. Where are you now?

What are the social norms on health and wellbeing in your workplace? What organisational processes and systems might be helping, or holding back, the wellbeing of different staff members? What’s your capacity and knowledge to deliver health and wellbeing programmes? What are the specific labour market conditions your organisation is facing, and how might these relate to employee wellbeing?

2. What does improved and embedded wellbeing look like in your workplace? 

What structures and processes might make the programme easier to implement? What attempts are there to change the organisational culture, for example establishing health and wellbeing steering committees or other governance structures? How is evaluation built in to all projects, and how will the results be shared?

3. How can you sustain wellbeing in your workplace?

What tangible changes to how people work and to workplaces will lead to lasting and positive wellbeing effects?

These three questions – and the issues they raise – are interconnected. Changes in one area can lead to changes in others. From the evidence we have drawn out five principles of communication, coherence, commitment, consistency and creativity that underpin success in each area.

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Where are you now? Contextual factors

What does improved and embedded wellbeing look like in your workplace?

How can you sustain wellbeing in your workplace?

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