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About Local authorities strategic support

Wellbeing is a relevant, credible and measurable way to connect policy goals with policy outcomes in a way that matters to people’s lives.

We have partnered with the Health Foundation to deliver a programme of support for local authorities and their partners to place wellbeing evidence at the heart of policy and practice.

We do this by:

  • measuring, exploring and understanding the distribution of wellbeing in an area
  • using wellbeing analysis to shape policy and practice
  • understanding how existing powers and duties can be used to maximise wellbeing impact
  • measuring the wellbeing impact of policy and projects
  • providing opportunities for collaboration and learning

To find out more about our programme of work with local government, please contact Joanne Smithson, Local Government & Health Sector Lead. You can also sign up to our evidence alerts to find out more as our work progresses.


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