What Works Wellbeing operated from 2014 to 2024. This website is a static repository of all assets captured at closure on 30 April. It will remain publicly accessible but will not be updated.  Read more


Here you can explore the work we do to improve wellbeing. From research and building evidence to implementing methods in the real world, find out more about our projects below.

April 2024
Life satisfaction: what works?

Reviewing the literature to support evidence-informed action and improved wellbeing
March 2024
Understanding Society wellbeing data dashboard

Towards a Wellbeing Data Lab - capacity build for wellbeing policy making
March 2024
Spirit of 2012 – Learning from 10 years of practice

February 2024
Areas of Research Interest

Where next? Setting the direction of wellbeing research, and connecting evidence with policy and practice, as part of our legacy.
November 2023
Maximising wellbeing in kidney care

Shaping new technologies for remote monitoring of kidney function
March 2023
Wellbeing Evaluation top-up fund

Pilot programme enabling expansion of existing trials to include measures of subjective wellbeing
October 2021
Building Connections Fund: Evaluation and Learning

Understanding the impact and sharing learning to tackle loneliness
April 2020
What works to improve ONS4 personal subjective wellbeing?

A rapid review of wellbeing impact evaluations using ONS4 measures
April 2019
Wellbeing policy tools for decision makers

Resources to help you think through how to improve the outcomes that matter to people’s lives.
July 2017
Conceptualising community wellbeing

July 2017
Community wellbeing indicators in the UK

A rapid scoping review of the indicators, frameworks and measures used by UK governmental and non-governmental agencies