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November 2021

Different People, Same Place

Exploring how community wellbeing is linked to individual wellbeing

Different people, same place
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Interest in how we are doing collectively as communities has been growing since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in light of the government’s emphasis on levelling up.

Yet, understanding of community wellbeing and how it is linked to, but not the same as, the wellbeing of the individuals within that community, remains limited. 

This makes it hard for people to know how they can most effectively work to improve wellbeing within communities and among individuals, and how different interventions might affect different people in different places.

About the project

To understand and define what community wellbeing is, we developed a model that articulates the relationships between individual and community wellbeing.

The project was a collaboration with Warwick and Birmingham Universities, in partnership with Spirit of 2012 and the Centre for Ageing Better.

Led by Dr Laura Kudrna and Dr Oyinlola Oyebode, the team also looked at how this relationship is different for different people and in different places.

What was one?

The project included a qualitative review of existing evidence and discussions with stakeholders to inform a new model setting out different aspects of individual and community wellbeing, and how they are related.

It also included quantitative data analysis using the new model.

Finally, it was informed by interviews with stakeholders in places to understand the barriers and trade-offs involved in seeking better outcomes for people and places in more detail.

Who and how does it help? 

The model is designed for policy makers and practitioners who are working to improve wellbeing at the community level. It will help you understand how interventions might impact different people within the same place differently, and to consider what kinds of interventions might affect individual and community wellbeing differently.

Get involved

We would love to hear from people or organisations who have been working to measure the impact of their work on community wellbeing – please share your evaluations with us at evaluation@whatworkswellbeing.org


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