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March 2022

Technical report: Different people, same place

Technical report: Different People, Same Place
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The Different People, Same Place work investigated the relationships between individual and place-based community wellbeing.

It was led by teams at the Universities of Birmingham, Durham and Warwick who developed a model outlining these interrelationships, and tested it with stakeholders and with quantitative data.

In this technical report, the team shares the phases of the research project:

Phase 1 – Model development (rapid evidence review and consultation group).

  • What are the relationships between community wellbeing and the wellbeing of different individuals and groups within that community?

Phase 2 – Quantitative model mapping and testing (secondary data analysis).

  • How can these relationships be modelled quantitatively using measures of community, individual wellbeing and measures for the quantity and quality of relationships and sense of belonging to a place?

Phase 3 – Qualitative exploration of model, barriers, enablers (individual qualitative interviews).

  • What are the barriers and enablers (context and social infrastructure) to achieving a cycle of positive outcomes for individuals and communities, while addressing any trade-offs or risks of negative outcomes for different individuals/groups? How does the developed model of community wellbeing resonate with users and can it be applied?

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Suggested citation for the report:
Kudrna L, Oyebode O, Quinn L, Atkinson S, Stewart-Brown S. Investigating the relationships between individual and place-based community wellbeing in the Understanding Society survey and qualitative interviews, Report, March 2022, What Works Centre for Wellbeing.
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You may also wish to read the blog article on this document.

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